standard-title Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays

The dental x-rays we take in our office are an important part of evaluating your overall oral health.

We will take your digital X-Rays during your visit, so your dentist can immediately see what is happening under the surface of your teeth and gums during treatment.

How often we take them depends on your general oral health, your age, your risk for disease and any signs or symptoms we may see during your exam. Children require x-rays more often than adults because their teeth and jaws are still developing and their teeth are more likely to be affected by tooth decay. If you are a new patient, we may recommend a dental x-ray to see how you’re doing now and to help identify changes that may occur later.

Dental x-rays can help us identify problems that otherwise would not be seen. Finding and treating those problems early can save you time, money and unnecessary discomfort later on.

And remember, x-rays, like most of our other services, are covered by most dental insurance.

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