standard-title Root Canals

Root Canals

With advanced techniques and modern technology, teeth with a diseased nerve can now be saved rather than completely be removed.

To explain the procedure further, inside each tooth is the pulp, which runs like a thread down through the tooth, providing the nutrients and nerves the tooth needs to stay healthy. However, when the pulp is diseased or injured, it dies. And if you don’t remove it, the tooth can get infected and eventually it, too, will die. So once the problem is identified, we’ll perform a root canal, which involves removing the pulp, and then cleaning out and sealing the canal to protect the remaining tooth material. Following this, your dentist will either put a filling in the space, or if too much of the tooth is gone, a crown will be needed.

First Family Dental has a relatively simple, routine procedure with little or no patient discomfort, and from one to three visits are usually required.

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